Mitsy Groenendijk
Lives and works in Amsterdam.

With her monkey sculptures, Mitsy Groenendijk gives a voice to the animal Other and elaborates a discourse on humanity’s fate and theirs. By performing caricatured versions of human role models, her pet-size monkeys seem to as much take revenge on us as to make us aware of how much we mimic ourselves and others in order to be. By disclosing the importance of repetition as key to the maintenance of the status quo, Mitsy’s sculptures stimulates the viewer to challenge his or her thinking habits







2014 Villa de Bank, Monkeys in the Bank, Enschede , The Netherlands

2013 Tylers Museum ,The missing link, with Kennis & Kennis , Haarlem ,The Netherlands

2012/2013 Thomas open , Amsterdam The Netherlands

2010/2011 Witzenhausen Gallery  , New York , U.S.A

2009 Together , Willem 3 , Vlissingen The Netherlands samen met Anya Janssen

2009 Ready,  Emmanuel Walderdorff Gallery, Cologne, Germany

2008 Time is on my side , Witzenhausen Gallery , Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2007 Just Another Day ,  Majke Hüsstege Gallery, den Bosch , The Netherlands

2005 Wicked Messenger ,  Emmanuel Walderdorff Gallery, Cologne, Germany

2004 Witzenhausen Gallery , Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2004 People see-People do, WA#K, Center for Contemporary Art, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

2003 Witzenhausen Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2002 Brassieres, Het Paleis, Antwerpen, Belgium

1997 Galerie Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1997 Textiel Museum, Tilburg, The Netherlands

1997 Stedelijk Museum, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

1994 Sirenen-Business Women, Cokkie Snoei Gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1993 Sirenen, Galerie der Stadt Esslingen, Esslingen, Germany

1992 Sirenen-Nature Women, De Watertoren, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

1992 Sirenen-Nature Women, Apunto Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1991 Sirenen, Torch Gallery, Kunstrai, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1990 First Blossom, Apunto Gallery, The Netherlands

1989 De Praktijk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands





2014 / 2015 O.B A . Amsterdam The Netherlands


2014 Nedelandsche Bank , Amsterdam The Netherlands

2014  Marimacha, WEB, Groningen, The Netherlands 

2014 Wunderkammer, Tetem kunstruimte , Enschede , The Netherlands

2014 Bison Caravan , Tierrafino, Amsterdam , The Netherlands

2014 Accomplices III, Kunstenlab Deventer, The Netherlands

2014 Art Wynwood, Miami, U.S.A

2014 Accomplices III, Tetem kunstruimte , Enschede , The Netherlands


2013 Assen, kunstsalon,  Tekenkabinet , Assen , The Netherlands

2013 Art in the House , Majke Husstege gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2013 Jesus Christ Superstar, Rotterdam , The Netherlands

2013, Drinnen binnen Draussen buiten ,Kers galerie, Amsterdam , The Netherlands

2013 Waterlandmuseum, Tekenkabinet, Purmerend, The Netherlands

2013 Komplizen, Ostrale, Dresden , Germany

2013 Scope, Witzenhausen Gallery, Basel , Switzerland 

2013 Repeatclub 3, Witzenhausen gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013  Room and style ,Dresden ,Germany

2013 Wer nicht denken will fliegt raus,Odapark , Venray,The Netherlands


2012 Kompost , galerie Roy, Zuelpich,Germany

2012 Mindmap , Odapark Venray ,The Netherlands

2012 Ostrale , Dresden ,Germany

2012 Art Rai , Amsterdam ,The Netherlands

2012 Emmanuel Walderdorff Gallery ,Germany

2012 Mes Amia Mes Amis ,Cologne Germany

2012 Raw Expo ,Rotterdam The Netherlands


2011 PA.N Amsterdam , The Netherlands

2011 Pulse Art Fair , Miami ,U.S.A

2011 Kunstverein Heppenheim together with Anya Janssen,Heppenheim Germany

2011 Salontentoonstelling ,WEP,Groningen ,The Netherlands

2011 Art Amsterdam,Majke Husstege Gallery, The Netherlands

2011 Sammen Igen , Kunstverein Heppenheim, Germany

2011 Artantique,Utrecht ,The Netherlands

2011 Beestachtig goed ,C.B.K Den Bosch, The Netherlands

2011 Scope,Art fair, New York1989 Barock & Roll, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (catalogue)




2014 De Volkskrant Wunderkammer

2014 NRC Next Kasten vol Fantasie

2014 Catalogue paper ,Paleo Psycho Pop, Bison Caravan

2014 Art Slant, Art Wynwood, Miami USA     

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